Re: Type 2 Build QRV

William Heller

If you can afford it digikey probably has a kit of the resettable fuses try
littlefuse on there search box.

On Wed, Oct 3, 2018, 6:44 PM Curt via Groups.Io <>

okay first the boring status: supply chain (me) has ordered a Uno, some
headers and a type 2 AD9850 board from the far east - so it should land
here someday and likely soon enough. I mounted the SMT passives to the
detector board - wow this is fun in spite of not having good eyesight. I
have the ICs in hand and/or on order.

I did figure out which side was ground for the board and that tantalum.

I noticed the AD820 I have are surface mount. I am so tempted to place
one on one of the pads and gently wire the few other connections needed (I
have done this before. If this isn't sane - tell me - I have PDIPs for two
alternate parts with LT in the number on route).

Looks like I have most everything else on hand -- well except for those
resettable fuses that I am not familiar with. Those things do look cool -
time to see if I can get an assortment maybe with those two values.

Good to be started - that was the hardest part thus far. Thanks to the
designers (yes I have fond memories of dialog with Jerry and I have two of
his paddles in use here). Glad a few folk are still on list when I have

73 Curt

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