Re: AD9850/51 module pc boards

William R Maxwell

I guess at our age, a gift from the Pocket Money Fairy is more likely than the Tooth Fairy, Terry.

Know what you mean about DHL  when you live outside the metropolis. I'm 30 kms south of Launcesaton, on the main north-south highway. I'm sometimes lucky and a local courier delivers when driving past the door but more likely than not, its a trip into the depot.

Still, at the size of these boards there are currently some incredible offers from Chinee fab houses. I had some made by last week, just before they shut for a 3 day holiday. Mine were slightly too big to qualify but the claasic 100x100mm size is again on offer at $2 USD for 10, plus shipping. At that price even DHL shipping seems almost bearable, although they offer cheaper alternatives too.

Bill VK7MX

On 3/10/2018 3:05 PM, Terry VK5TM wrote:
When the Pocket Money Fairy deigns to leave a few shekels under the pillow, I will do a run of 10 pcb's to check that there are no errors.

Probably take in the region of 4 weeks by the time the pcb's arrive (I don't do DHL -> rip-off merchants if you live outside a major city).

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