Re: AD9850/51 module pc boards


Hi all, as it happens I had been working on a replacement pcb for the "type 2" board.

I made one some months back and had some produced by a Chinese supply house, but it had an error in the serial port section. I have reworked it though to fix that error and also to add the 3v3 regulator for the oscillator. Its 41.5 x 30mm in size, pretty close to the originals. It also was reworked for 5o ohm output and the LPF changed accordingly with a cut-off of about 44MHz. The LPF can be built using smd inductors or you can wind your own on toroids. The output of the AD9850 itself uses a trifilar wound transformer on a BN43-2402 core. (I did not footprint a commercial transformer as Terry has done)

I have not though had this board pro made. (I fixed the small error on the 1st version, running a couple of wires & track cuts.) Currently the Gerbers result in 6 boards on a panel with V-grooving between boards. Sch and Gerber pic of the panel attached.


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