Re: AD9850/51 module pc boards

Clifford Heath

On 1 Oct 2018, at 4:42 pm, Don Vosper via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I see on the Farnell site in the UK that one off 9851, 9850 and the useful AD8037 are £25.00, £23.00 and £10.00 each respectively.
My last 80 or so purchases have been through AliExpress.
Typically you get parts for under the 10,000 unit price.
I think I've twice had a situation where a completely
wrong thing was shipped, and I didn't pay for those after
disputing them.

All other parts have been up to normal spec, and were
shipped free of charge. Most of the world's electronics is
made in China. There are a lot of "partial reels" of perfectly
good parts being sold off through the thousands of vendors
on AliExpress. I'm really struggling to see any downside.

Clifford Heath.

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