Re: AD9850/51 module pc boards

Tony Jaques

Hi all,
Three things: One is that if the distortion introduced by an AD8008 output stage can not be tolerated the perhaps the AD985x device is not a good enough starting point. (Search the files for "an investigation into output stages" - or something close to it.
The second is that modifying the module to give the oscillator a 3.3 volts supply. Again there is a message somewhere in which I show my solution to that. A search in messages might find it, but i no longer remember what the subject line was.
A third comment is that, if you have a 'scope, do make sure that you allow for Gary A Winblad's sweep modification later, even if you don't add it to start with.

I agree - very nicely done board layout Terry.

Tony Jaques (G3PTD)

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