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jean-michel hausseguy

Hello ,

A question about the PCB .
Where we could order it ?



2013/9/19, Jerry Haigwood <w5jh@...>:


The current version of the Simple SNA also has a generator function
built into it. You can use the generator function and a scope to tune an LC
filter. The use of the Arduino will not allow sweeps to be made in real
time. You would need to redesign the unit using a different, faster
processor and probably switch to assembly language. Right now, I do not
know of any plans to change processors, displays, input device, etc.
However, the this is an open system and anyone can take a try at it.

Jerry W5JH

"building something without experimenting is just solder practice"

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4Z4ME's photos on this group show a version using a keypad and display.
While the PHSNA is a nice cheap simple project, it's usefullness for tuning
a filter is limited by the need to use a PC and Xcel to plot the response
each time. Do the authors of this project expect to expand the capabilities
of the PHSNA in the future, to something like that of 4ZME's version? If
so, does the new PCB have this capability (conenctors etc) in the design?

There is an in between possibilty also maybe, that the PHSNA has a display
but no keypad, the sweep rates etc being downloaded from a PC initially. In
many cases this would be OK as the item to be measured is already known in
terms of frequency etc.


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I've made a trial order to ITEAD Studio for some small SMT boards for
another project.. This is a test of their procedures and quality, as well as
the scheme of translating ExpressPCB to gerber files.

Probably be about two weeks or so before I have a verdict. Then I will ask
for a hard count of number of boards requested, and I can set a price point.
At this point it looks line we'll certainly be under $10 including the CONUS
postage. Could be well under if this board house works out. So think about
if you want more than one board, since it's not likely I'll do a second

I'd encourage DX ops, if you wish, to organize some sort of group drop-ship
if there are several folks in an area. It will probably reduce costs. If
anyone wants to volunteer to be a drop ship target, please let me know.

Jim, N5IB

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Well actually, you have plenty of time to order a PCB. Jim has not yet
placed an order because he is trying to get a reasonable count as to how
many people want boards. If you look on yahoo, there is a poll asking for
you input on PCBs. I think he plans to place the order within a week or
two. You can work out a group buy with Jim.

Jerry W5JH

"building something without experimenting is just solder practice"

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Is it still possible to order a PCB? Also, in a number of other groups where
these group buys are held, if there is a "critical mass" to one region (such
as Australia) then some kind sole may offer to take all boards and on ship
locally. This often helps reduce the cost to ship from the US.

Garry VK3XYX

Jm Hausseguy

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