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The PHSNA needs a fairly pure signal source to give accurate results, generally meaning the signal source should be a sine wave which the AD9851/51 can provide. The SI-5351 has a square wave output which is rich in harmonics so it's not a good choice for the PHSNA. AD9850 modules in the Type II (two rows of 10 pins) can still be had on Ebay for a reasonable price ($14 + $2 shipping item 472030418663) . The AD9851 modules are about twice the price.

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Thanks for reply.

Okay I think I see Uno R3 for less than $8 from a us supplier. So now I just need to id which source for a type 2 9850. Not sure I am ready to mod and code for the si5351.

Curious what soldering you might need done to get yours assembled? I will be checking my stash for board components as I may have some extras there.


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