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Nick Kennedy

It's funny, but I was just about to send out that same information and
Ignacio beat me to it by a few minutes.

The voltage monitoring function was added by Ignacio late in the game so
the hardware modifications don't appear on the schematics. It's a very
useful addition because it tells you the supply voltage and also adds
over-voltage and under-voltage alarms.

It's quite easy to start the system up and forget to turn on the 12 V
supply. The Arduino will be running on the 5 V from the USB but readings
will have large errors. The low voltage alarm will tell you what's wrong
when this happens.


Nick, WA5BDU

On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 9:25 AM EB4APL <eb4apl@...> wrote:

Hi Ambro and other new builders,

The PHSNA last version for Arduino NANO and DDS-60 has a lot of options
on the board, so if you are going to build it study the schematics and
the info carefully and you can remove from the schematics all that is
unnecessary for your needs. This also applies to the builders which
plan to assemble it in a perforated board.

After you get the info, please read the "PHSNA User's Guide 1r42.pdf"
that is in, specially
pages 19 and 20, which explains how to add a couple of resistors to
support the new supply voltage measurement function.

Ignacio, EB4APL

El 07/05/2018 a las 22:19, Ambro IW2FVO escribió:
I can not find what indicated.could you post a link please?73, ambro

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Ogg: Re: [PHSNA] info

Hello Ambro,

All of the software you need is in the folder "Windows PHSNA". That

includes two Arduino 'ino' files plus the Windows executable.

You will also find a user's guide for the software and a guide on how to

the Arduino software installation, for any people not familiar with it.

There are sample "parameters.txt" and "memories.txt" files which the

Windows PHSNA program reads to configure itself for your specific system.

As for schematics -- since there are many variations on the software, I

recommend you first look over "PHSNA FAQ Sheet.pdf" which is in the top

level (last page) of the files area. I hope it will guide you to the

correct document for the schematics. But if there's any trouble, we can

help you.


Nick, WA5BDU

On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 1:40 PM Ambro_IW2FVO via Groups.Io <iw2fvo=> wrote:

hi to all in this forum,
I have to build the Phsna for one of my friend ham.,
I would like to use the parts already on our hands without the use of a
We have : Arduino nano, ad9850 DDS, ad 8307 detector all working.
Need the following_
where to download the latest schematic diagram and part list
where to download the latest arduino firmware
where to download the last pc software.
thanks for all,
73 ambro

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