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Steven Dick

I don't know how accurate you are trying to get but if you are within say three percent, that is usually more than accurate. A scope is a good way to perform an accurate measurement, but scope calibration is always the limiting factor, and most hams don't bother with periodic accurate calibration of their scope. You could make your own fairly accurate homebrew relatively low cost calibrator based on a precision reference such as the Analog Devices ADR03-EP, a 10 volt reference with initial accuracy of 0.2 percent for $5.15 or the TI REF102 with an accuracy of +10V +/- 0.0025V for $5.02. I've been meaning to build a precision reference using one of these just for a calibration sanity check of my scope.

-Steve K1RF

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Yes every measurement device require periodic calibration . But in my long long experience the standard test equipments manufactured my HP, R&S, Marconi, Anritsu etc maintain the calibrations for long long time . Actually if you are not a precision manufacture of systems these equipments are good for long time.

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Do Oscilloscopes require
calibration each n years?


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