Re: Power Meter

Nick Kennedy

To calibrate, you need a sine wave source of known power level and a step
attenuator. Actually, a single attenuator would work but it's better to
have multiple points. There's information in the User's Guide and the
software has a built-in function for power calibration.

The source should have a frequency somewhere in "midrange" - perhaps 5 to
15 MHz.

I homebrewed two simple sources for my calibration. First was the -10 dBm
square wave calibrator by Bob Kopshi K3NHI and a 10 dBm, 10 MHz sinewave
calibrator by VE7BPO that I calibrated to K3NHI's circuit. I used a
homebrew step attenuator. Attenuators are pretty cheap and easy to build

You can find some folders in the Files area that describe how people did
calibrations. The circuits and articles I described can be found on the
web. I can provide some of the articles and circuits if needed.

Other suggestions I've heard here also sound good.


Nick, WA5BDU

On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 4:51 PM Alfredo Mendiola Loyola via Groups.Io
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I would like to buy a power meter to calibrate my AD8307

Is there a power meter that doens't require anual Calibration.

I line in Peru and it is expensive to send the power meter to US just for
anual calibration like the Power Meter 6G of Minicircuits.


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