Re: Need Schematic Please


Hi Rich,

Did you have browsed the group files section?

And what type of main board do you have: DDS-60 and Nano, Type I Chinese DDS module or Type II?

The power meter boards have identical schematics, there could be some minor board differences.


Ignacio, EB4APL

El 23/04/2018 a las 2:25, richj45@... [PHSNA] escribió:

I have some unpopulated board and I need the associated schematic.

1) Main board:  13 Oct 2013, Rev 5.01

2) AD8307 board: 13 Oct 2013, Rev 1.20

3) AD8307 board: 13 Oct 2013, Rev 1.25

Thank you for the help.




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