Current PHSNA Type 2 Documentation

Fred Salzer

I’m attempting to build a PHSNA using a type 2 DDS and am trying to obtain the latest build information.


I started with the PHSNA FAQ Sheet.pdf which is dated  2/18/2016. It says to see folder “Type II PHSNA - version using Type 2 DDS module.” The folder labeled “Type-2 PHSNA - version using Type-2 DDS module & Arduino UNO” contained a BOM dated 5/28/2014 and schematic in a file named “PHSNA Type II Details 21 MAR 2014.”


My PCB which was recently purchased is rev 7.03; the most recent schematic I found is rev 7.01 and is only page 1 of 2; the most recent BOM I found is for schematic rev 7.02 and PCB rev 7.01.


I’d appreciate pointers to the schematic and BOM that are compatible with PHSNA PCB rev 7.03. Please forgive if I’ve overlooked the obvious.






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