Re: AD9851 TYPE II


The board is 1.64 X 1.183 inches.  The single row of 7 pins is spaced 1.4 inches from the inside row of the dual 7 pin headers. 




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I am looking for HARDWARE data on AD9851 DDS module TYPE II
I am calling TYPE II the module with dual - 7 by 2 .1 pitch pin  header and SINGLE 7 pin .1 header .

I have  a sort of spec - schematic , picture  but NO dimensions

I am laying out PCB and would  like to be able to use both types of AD9851 modules.

The TYPE I is dual 10 by 8 .1 pitch header with .8 distance between the headers.

Help would be appreciated.

73 Vaclav AA7EJ

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