Re: RF out with RF OFF: Clock feed through [2 Attachments]


The unmodified filter graph lacks the cursor over the filter dip. This one has it to better know the calculated frequency and attenuation.

73, Ignacio

El 11/07/2017 a las 18:30, EB4APL eb4apl@... [PHSNA] escribió:

Since we are fighting with a single frequency, probably the best filter solution would be a trap.  I just modeled the elliptical filter used in the DDS-60 using  AADE filter design program and the series "traps" resonance is not good for 180 MHz. Then I changed the capacitor values and the response seems to be much better in this respect. I think that I'll implement this mod to see what happens.

I'll try to attach the graphs, and if it doesn't work I'll upload them to the photos section.

73 de Ignacio, EB4APL

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