Re: Suggestion for the Windows PHSNA verion

Steven Dick

Hi Nick. could you please post a representative parameters.text file to go along with the new PHSNA version 1.4.1 in the Windows PHSNA folder. The files section only has archive versions of the parameters.txt file, not one that goes along with 1.4.1. Ignacio, EB4EPL posted one embedded in a message but it would be good to put the latest version in the files section.

I got a pre-release version of the windows software from Ignacio which includes the language support and preliminary log scale capability.  They both look promising and I have emailed Ignacio off-list on some comments.

One initial minor problem I had with new function which allows reading the power supply voltage, which is reported at start-up.  Low and high voltage conditions are also flagged based on user provided limits.  A minor hardware change involving a two-resistor voltage divider is required. I did not yet put the hardware change in, and a big red warning came up that voltage is out of spec when I first tried the new software. The software did not let me proceed.  This was rather disconcerting.  Ignacio's parameters.text file has 15.68 volts for the power supply voltage calibration value. The default should be zero as most people will not yet have installed the extra resistive divider required for this function. Maybe add a comment about this in the parameters.txt file.

Not sure why, but after several software startups, the red warning went away and the display shows about 12 volts. Not sure why it is showing close to the correct voltage now, as I didn't install the resistors.

"Digital Steve", K1RF

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