Re: PC Boards delivered


Shucks.... misspelled my own e-mail address... trying again  :^))

The FedEx guy dropped off PC boards yesterday, and I have sent e-mails to all who had requested boards prior to placing that order.

There are a few remaining now that those requests have been filled.
If you want any of these, please reply OFF LIST PLEASE

n5ib (at) juno (dot) com

There was not enough demand to order more of the Type-2 PHSNA

Here's what remains in the cupboard:

5 ea - PHSNA for Type-1 DDS and UNO  $4.50

2 ea - PHSNA for DDS-60 and NANO   $4.00

3 ea - Experimenter Board for Type-2 and NANO $4.00

3 ea - Crystal Test Fixture $4.00

15 ea - AD-8307 Power Meter  $3.50

2 ea - Return Loss Bridge with 1% resistors  $2.00
3 ea - Type-1 / Type-2 DDS adapter board $2.00

2 ea - Low Pass Filter   $1.00
5 sets - Measurement Receiver 2-board set $8.00

Postage extra for the above.
USA postage is usually under $2.50, DX a couple of dollars more, depending on how many boards.

Jim, N5IB

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