Thanks and DDS filter query


I've only just started building the PHSNA but already the UNO and Ad9850 with the Arduino and Windows software has allowed me to generate test sigs proving one of the band pass filters in my G3TSO multiband txrx is way out (I stared building this in 1999 and never finished it properly!) I will wait now until the PHSNA is built before doing more work on my switchable filters but wanted to say thanks to everyone involved in the project - maybe if I'd had one back in 1999 I'd have finished the original radio back then.

Also could someone please point me at some background info ref the changes needed to the DDS filter, I've seen the details on what needs to be done to improve it,  but wondered what the issue is with the built-in filter on the board......wondering really if I can get away with amplifying this to get some signal to the detector initially before doing it properly as components etc become available.


David - G4ZDT

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