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William Kimber

Hi All,

Jim, I think those meters only read down to 3 volts on the power line when self powered. If separately powered then they probably read down to zero.


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I have the same problem about forgetting to turn batteries off then wondering why stuff behaves funny.

I have a couple of these little DMMs that can be had for $3 or so from the same place I got my DDS and Funduino.


or this tinyurl:

and am thinking of putting one in the power meter box, with a toggle switch to select battery monitor or output voltage monitor. My concern is that it has a processor, so it might generate some RF. But, worth a try. If I use a DPDT switch I can turn it completely off if it turns out to be RF noisy. It has a separate power lead, so it can measure down to 0, but the supply and measurement have the same common, so it can measure its own supply. There are some two lead versions that can also measure their own supply, but only work down to 3 V or so., so no good for reading the power meter output.

Jim, N5IB

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