Re: Problem compiling PHSNA_VB.ino

Nick Kennedy

Hi All,

I'm off babysitting my grand-daughter (with grandma) this weekend and don't have the resources handy to try to answer the question. I remember all the "tone.h" and "morse" stuff from before, but not the details.

I'll try a compile when I get home (Tuesday).  I've upgraded to Windows 10 also and don't think I've tried a compile on it yet.


Nick, WA5BDU

On Dec 11, 2015 5:06 AM, "jimandmargery@... [PHSNA]" <PHSNA@...> wrote:


I guess this must be operator error(s), but I'm struggling with this. 

Using Arduino 1.6.6 with the .ino files downloaded from Windows PHSNA, rev 1.6 dated March 31.  I read the previous posts on this, the tone.h library has been installed, and appears to have been corrected. 

This is a sample of the errors i get: 

Define MORSE 1

/home/jim/PHSNA_VB/PHSNA_VB.ino: In function 'void setup()':
PHSNA_VB:422: error: 'morse_setup' was not declared in this scope
  morse_setup(); // IF MORSE IS USED
/home/jim/PHSNA_VB/Morse.ino: At global scope:
Morse:51: error: redefinition of 'unsigned int pitch'
 unsigned int pitch = 600; // local peak for CEM-1201(50)

etc etc..

Define MORSE 0

/home/jim/PHSNA_VB/PHSNA_VB.ino: In function 'void loop()':
PHSNA_VB:456: error: 'morse_rf' was not declared in this scope
  morse_rf = 1; // turn on rf sending
PHSNA_VB:457: error: 'morse_spkr' was not declared in this scope
  morse_spkr = 0; // turn on audio morse sending


Same result on my desktop PC running Windows 10, and this laptop running Ubuntu. 

Appreciate any help to straighten me out. 


Jim - G3ZQC

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