Just starting out

Richard Wilson

I'm starting out with an arduino nano v3.0 pro mini (on board FTDI and 5v regulator)

I'm hooked up to a 1602 LCD display on D4 to D7 and D12 to D13.

My DDS AD9850 module (125MHz clock) is on D8 to D11.

I'm using a nice AD8307 module - well shielded with an SMA connector - connected to A0.

I have a shaft encoder on D2 and D3

Is this setup anywhere close to a PHSNA as this group defines them?

I'm a little confused with the large number of options and boards members of this group are using.

I don't understand the software (arduino sketches or PC applications) or how they apply.

I hope to start out with something clean and simple then expand to more complexity.

The hope is to do frequency response measurements of filters and crystals to start out with. 

Can anyone in the group help me out?


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