Re: Sweep output debugging

Marcus Gustafsson

Hi all,

wanted to share my latest proceedings of my PSHNA build on an experimenters board.
Short recap: I first got MAV-3 instead of ERA-3 MMIC although when I got hold of ERA-3 I never got them to work properly.

So I decided to go with a 2N5109 solution instead, however the output dropped around 5dB over the 1-60MHz span, see below:

So this made me curious on the utilizing the Rset input on the DDS with an ALC so I built the DDS-60 ALC from the CWTD webpage. And got this result when adjusting the ALC for 0dBm output at 60MHz.

I think I settle for this for now and move on to other projects.

However I'm toying with the idea of skipping major parts of the ALC and letting the Arduino read the AD8307 and control the Rset with LP-filtered PWM output to the MOSFET, or just use a digital potentiometer directly.

Best regards
Marcus, SA5PMG

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