Inventory of PC boards still on hand


We've had a mini-stampede of new members to the list lately (OK - maybe it was just a nano-stampede) and some inquiries about PC boards, so once again time to inventory the PCB cupboard. Here's what's left over after the spring board orders were filled.

For more details, see the FAQ in the Files area, as well as the folders in the Files area that deal with the individual boards.

  9 avail,   PHSNA for Type-1 DDS and UNO  (rev6.12) $4.50

 3 avail,   PHSNA for Type-2 DDS and UNO  (rev7.03) $4.50

 5 avail,   PHSNA for DDS-60 and NANO  (rev8.40) $4.00

 19 avail,   Experimenter Board for Type-2 and NANO (rev1.20) $4.00

 11 avail,   Crystal Test Fixture board (rev 5.02) $4.00

 16 avail,    AD-8307 Power Meter board (rev 2.04) $3.50

  7 avail,   Return Loss Bridge board with 1% 49.9 ohm SMT resistors  $2.00
 10 avail,   Type-1 / Type-2 DDS adapter board $2.50

  7 avail,   auxiliary Low Pass Filter  board  $1.00
  8 avail,   Measurement Receiver 2-board set (rev 1.35) $8.00

also few NON-PHSNA related boards from another project
    10 avail - regen receiver boards rev 1,79    $5.00
     6 avail, - regen receiver boards rev 1.75    $5.00

Postage extra for all of the above.
 If you want any of these,   please reply - OFF LIST - 

n5ib (at) juno (dot) com


Jim, N5IB

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