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another good app for plotting data is gnuplot. This is an app which has it's roots in Linux but is also available for use in Windows and also OS-X. It works very well and has many (many) features.

Another is GDL - GNU Data Language which is an open source version of IDL - Interactive Data Language

which is a widely application for scientific visualization of data. However, GDL is only available for Linux at this time (I think) but there may be a port for Windows as well.

yet another possibility is Python which has add on libraries containing much of the functionality of standalone apps such as gnuplot and matlab.

Lots of good choices, some with a steeper learning curve than others. My approach is to keep it simple and use a tool which can be used in both Linux and Windows as my preference is Linux but I do on occasion need to use Windows and having the same tools available in both environments is very helpful.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

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While waiting for the AD9850 board, Funduino board and PHSNA board I'm having a little fun with my own similar setup.  I've been plotting homebrew crystal filters, crystals themselves, and a LPF.

Also thought I'd look for a freeware graphing program that might be better than Excel in some respects.  I've downloaded Data Master 2003 and my preliminary opinion is  that it has some promise. Got it to graph a .CSV data file that I created.  

I had some problems initially with my hardware as my noise floor seemed to be about -50 dBm or so.  By rerouting some cables and so on, I can now get down to about -64 dBm, not bad for most of what I'm doing.


Nick, WA5BDU

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