Re: Problem with PHSNA.exe

Jaques Anthony

Hello Jim.  Thank you very much for the reply.
   Thank you for pointing me to Nick's guide. Although I have read most
of the posts I did not think of looking in the files section for other than software. Also I did not realise that a different version of the Arduino software was needed for the Windows version.
    So with those two things you have been a big help Jim. Thank you.
   I will come back when I have been able to experiment further.

    By the way; I have now tried three versions of PHSNA.exe; One unknown, V1.39 and V1.40. All three cause the same error message. Now it could be that it is caused by the wrong version of the Arduino code, but I would have thought that, as it happens immediately after the .exe file is clicked on, and therefore long before the program is installed, it could not yet "know" about the Arduino.

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