Re: Problem with PHSNA.exe

Nick Kennedy

Hello Tony,

Jim has covered some of this.  I'm surprised that you found such a old version of Windows PHSNA.  Or maybe that version number means something else.

I can't imagine there haven't been others using Windows XP with it and I haven't heard of any incompatibilities with PHSNA and XP.

Not sure which bloatware you refer to. If it's Excel, the terminal version of PHSNA outputs data in CSV format IIRC, and just about anything should be able to pick it up.


Nick, WA5BDU

On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 9:52 AM, anthonyjaques94@... [PHSNA] <PHSNA@...> wrote:

Hello all,
   Firstly; It is several weeks since I  joined this group, and I have
spent a lot of time reading through  the posted messages. So a general
thank you is due to all those  who have created such a treasure trove,
and made it possible for me to tackle this project. Thank you all very

   Unfortunately my first posting is a request for more help!

   Firstly I should mention that I have made the Rev 7.02 PCB, i.e.
the one with the Type 2 DDS module and an Arduino UNO. The combination
of milliwatt meter and PHSNA works well. I have loaded V3.02a of the
Arduino software, and V3.0.0.0 of Term232.exe). I do see the results,
but I can not graph them yet because I do no have the Microsoft bloatware,
and I have got nowhere trying to make the Kingsoft spreadsheet produce
sensible graphs. (not tried Open Office yet though.)
   The problem is that I was hoping to use the Windoze program that is
available in the files section. Unfortunately when run it stops with
and error
   "The application failed to initialise properly (0xc0000135). OK to
   The version of PHSNA.exe is

   I am using Windoze XP + Service pack 3.
   Has anyone else encountered the problem - or can anyone suggest a

   Whether or not - Thank you for reading this

                                     Tony Jaques (G3PTD)

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