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Hi Vasily,

Thanks for your feedback. 
It turns out there was an issue with the latest beta version firmware in the SNA I'm using.  At Dave's  (AD7JT) suggestion, I rolled back to an earlier version (4.2) and then ran through the batch of crystals again.  This time the response curves looked normal.  I now have two sets of six crystals, that can be used to complete the measurement receiver I've been working on. 

Vern - N7GTB 

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Hi Vern

Since this doesn't happen with other xtals, we'll assume your measurement deck is OK.

Spurs in crystals occurs more often than not, however, some crystal batches show poorly. I had 1 set of 4.952 MHz xtals where multiple spurs lie 50 KHz apart up from center when swept in a tracking gen and spectrum
analyzer set-up.

 My sweeps skirt looked jagged on the high side of Fs in my homebrew sweep system.  I ordered another batch. They were fine and I threw the others in the rubbish.


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