Re: Completely lost

William Kimber

Hi Tony.

You have managed to post message so you are obviously subscribed.

Yahoo is known for its eccentricities. That might account for some of
your problems.

Have you signed in to Yahoo then not been able to find the group when
you do a search for groups?

I'm not surprised that PHSNA doesn't show up in manage your groups.
Yahoo again, couple of years back they did an upgrade that wasn't
needed and now things just don't work any sense.

What do you expect from the group now you are subscribed?


On 20/02/16 21:47, 'Tony Jaques' anthonyjaques94@... [PHSNA] wrote:

Hi whoever,
Sorry about that, but I have no idea where this finishes up!
Having been through the "Subscribe" process (I think), and
been advised that I am "subscribed" I find that I can do
nothing more than I could before. That is I can look at old
messages, and that's it. I could do that before!
The link provided in an email just goes to a page which
claims "No such group".
PHSNA does not appear in the list when I "Manage my
groups", so I can change nothing. For example I want the
e-mails to go to anthonyjaques94@... rather than
the address used to subscribe, but there appears to be no
way to change it - or indeed anything else.
In the end I was left with no choice but to "unsubscribe"
(Then meaning to start from scratch in the hope that it might
work a second time). But that doesn't work either.
I would really have liked to have a go at this project, and
I still would, but not I think if I have to re-invent my own
wheel from scratch.

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