Completely lost

Tony Jaques <anthonyjaques94@...>

Hi whoever,
Sorry about that, but I have no idea where this finishes up!
Having been through the "Subscribe" process (I think), and
been advised that I am "subscribed" I find that I can do
nothing more than I could before. That is I can look at old
messages, and that's it. I could do that before!
The link provided in an email just goes to a page which
claims "No such group".
PHSNA does not appear in the list when I "Manage my
groups", so I can change nothing. For example I want the
e-mails to go to anthonyjaques94@... rather than
the address used to subscribe, but there appears to be no
way to change it - or indeed anything else.
In the end I was left with no choice but to "unsubscribe"
(Then meaning to start from scratch in the hope that it might
work a second time). But that doesn't work either.
I would really have liked to have a go at this project, and
I still would, but not I think if I have to re-invent my own
wheel from scratch.
(Tony G3PTD..)

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