Re: Type 2 PHSNA Transformer T1 replacement

Steven Dick

Alfredo, I’m not understanding your question.  I’m using the transformer on a Type II PHSNA board which uses the true and complementary outputs of an AD9850 or AD9851. The PHSNA board is meant to drive a 50 ohm impedance and its output amplifier uses an era3+ MMIC IC.  The transformer is driven by the AD9850 or AD9851 and is a 1 to 1 turns ratio center tapped transformer.  The AD9851 has two current source complementary outputs.  The secondary of the transformer drives a 50 ohm impedance from a 6db pad. See the AD9851 data sheet for discussion of push pull center tapped transformer configuration.  1 to 30MHz is way in the middle of the sweet spot of the transformer
“Digital Steve”, K1RF

Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2016 9:38 AM
Subject: [PHSNA] Re: Type 2 PHSNA Transformer T1 replacement


What is the output impedance from 1 to 30
mhz of your signal generator using your transformer?


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