Type 2 PHSNA Transformer T1 replacement

Steven Dick

Hi all. I decided to replace the handwound transformer T1 on my Type II PHSNA with a ready made transformer from Coilcraft, part number WB1-6TSLB.  They are spec'd .05 MHz to 200 MHz with 0.2dB loss max. They cost $2.61 in quantity 1 though shipping is about $8.00. You can request a sample if you have a company name.  I purchased a bunch and they are now my go-to inexpensive 1:1 wideband transformer with a center tap on one side.  I added a photo in the K1RF folder in the files section.  Position it so the transformer center tap is right on the primary ground pin of the PCB. I held it to the board with a small dab of quick set epoxy.  Be sure you are not to0 close to a resistor pin on the output side. You can clip off the lead a bit if you wish.

This eliminates the hand-winding of T1 and probably provides better performance.  I didn't compare to the handwound one in efficiency but I am getting close to 0dbm output of the PHSNA at the default 7.04 MHz as measured on a scope.

See http://www.coilcraft.com/pdfs/wb.pdf for technical data

"Digital Steve", K1RF

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