Re: ER3-A in PHSNA

Tony G4WIF

Dear Alan and other kind benefactors.

I have already been promised a replacement so if you haven’t been to the post office yet Alan, I am OK now.


As published earlier, the secret to finding an EBay supplier seems to not use their UK site but the .com site which presumably (and primarily) services the USA. More people advertising there.


Hopefully soon my PHSNA will be back in service. Thanks everyone for their advice.


Kind regards



From: PHSNA@... [mailto:PHSNA@...]



Tony - I'll put a ERA-3SM in the post to you at the address on the G-QRP website. 


I thought I'd blown mine up, managed to buy four on Ebay from a Polish seller. Replacement didn't cure it. The reason I had no output from the ERA-3 was that the comms from Arduino to DDS board had failed. Substituting the Arduino fixed the problem. 



Alan G0RWB 

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