The Funduino

Jerry Haigwood

Recently, I ordered a Funduino UNO R3 board to compare with the Arduino UNO R3 board.   I ordered this board from power59296 on  The Funduino arrived 10 days after ordering it which I think is very good considering it came from China.  The cost of the Funduino was $10.99 and FREE shipping.  It came with a pretty blue, short USB cable.  When I received it, I plugged it into my computer and I had to add a driver for it.  I have an older XP machine so I went into the control panel, selected “System,” then “Hardware” and then “Device Manager.”  Then under “ports,” I select USB and installed the Arduino driver.  After the device driver was installed, I was able to download the Simple SNA program.  As far as I can determine, the Funduino works just as well as the Arduino for about 1/3 of the price.  The quality of construction is excellent actually better than my Arduino.  On my Arduino, some of the female headers are not straight.  The Funduino does not have that problem.  Overall, I am pleased with the Funduino.  I know that Jim, N5IB, has one on order and maybe he will chime when his arrives.

Jerry W5JH

"building something without experimenting is just solder practice"


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