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William Kimber

Hi All,

Just a warning.  Check the Oscillator voltage on DDS modules.

I bought five AD8950 DDS  type II early on.  One had 3.3 volt version of the 125Mhz osc.  All others were 5v 125Mhz oscillators.


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Many 5V logic chips work with 3V logic Attached is a bi directional logic converter that works well


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Dear All:


Is there a way to convert the output of a 3.3v CMOS oscillator to a 5v ?


I have read that the AD9851 can accept a sinusoidal signal dc biased to Vdd/2.


Can I bias a 3.3 volts cmos oscillator (Square wave) to Vdd/2 to use it with my AD9851 using a VDD of 5 volts?



Alfredo Mendiola Loyola

Lima, Peru

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