Re: An SNA based on AD9851 AD8307 and any 8051 based u Controller in Assembly

Asadullah Mir

Hi George !

The SNA kit is a real wow. Very nice work indeed.

Why did you not use rotary encoders to set frequency, span rate, etc? KB'ds are so slow.
What drove the choice to dsPic33F?

It is funny but long ago I came across the PIC controller when it was a baby. The hardware stack turned me off completely ( I was already familiar with the TI TMS9900  and had written some software for a company in Aurora, Ohio)  and I never returned to it. I suppose the new parts have the usual normal stacks.
On my NA when the display is turned of the device puts out  a ramp and/or a trigger pulse. The max rate of the sweep can then go up to near about 20 - 47 sweeps per second ( not sure ). Fair enough to use with XY or trig'd display.

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