Re: An SNA based on AD9851 AD8307 and any 8051 based u Controller in Assembly

William Kimber

I'll join the incomprehensibility of C & C++ it seems to me that they and more particularly C++ to break many of the rules I was taught in the early days. I won't say how long ago that was.  

I liked assembly on RCA 1802.


On 13/11/15 06:37, mirasad314@... [PHSNA] wrote:

Thanks Gary,

It's Ok. It is not a lot of work for me. I pulled most of the  the routines from  my personal library, written over the last ten years. the custom routines took no more than 10 15 hours of writing & debugging. I make a living writing SW for Embedded systems. The last of my jobs flies at over 6K meters above MSL.

Have tried but just can not get along with C. I have tried learning to use the beagleBone and the Cubie but just cannot get along ( can't understand zip ). Besides I can zip out Assy code faster than it takes to say "zip" I know it is ridiculed by most "writers" of C but that is the way I am.

Which controller on the Arduino board? I have started writing ( forced to, actually ) Assemby for the Thumb. Is Arduino based on the Thumb core?

I did not understand what you meant by wanting to see me add the graphic display to the PHSNA?

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