AD9850_51 Adruino library

Nick Kennedy

I've allowed myself to get swept up in the Si5351a synthesizer mania a bit.  Poking around, I landed on AK2B's blog ...

AK2B: Si5351 Arduino VFO breadboarded

Where he describes getting one going.  This post isn't about the Si5351 though -- the interesting thing to me was the use of various libraries to get the heavy work done. The project links together the work of Jason Mildrum and SQ9NJE and more by using their libraries.

Of course, we use standard libraries all the time, but I had not fooled with user / 3rd party libraries before.  I always wanted to re-invent the wheel.  (That liquidcrystal library for example could have saved me a lot of hair pulling.)

Anyway, I got interested in how the whole thing works.  Turns out there's some pretty scary C++ syntax and concepts involved.  But after a day or so of blundering around I managed to create a simple library for controlling the AD9850 and AD9851 chips.  I knew that was a pretty simple task so I thought it would be a good learning exercise.  There are probably already libraries out there for this function, but I didn't look as that wasn't my point.

I was going to post my zipped up library to my misc folder in this group, but Yahoo has misfired again and I'm lacking the "upload" button for some reason.  But it's only about 2K or so, so I'll see if I can attach to this posting.

Anyone interested in the process, drop me a line on or off list.  I have some notes.


Nick, WA5BDU

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