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Hello Pravin,

As I recall, you just put both files in the same folder and the Arduino IDE will compile them both into one hex file for the Nano.  The folder has the same name as your "main" file and contains that file and any other source files that are part of the project.

I doubt if you can compile and use the main file alone, because I expect it will be making calls on and references to the other file, resulting in generation of errors.

I *assume* you could delete references to RESET if you are using an AD9851.  Even if you using an AD9850 it would probably be OK assuming the initialization routine does what's necessary to replace a reset.


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Hi Nick,
                     Thanks a lot for the clarifications. Is it okay to use PHSNA_VB.ino alone for the full functional operation of the PHSNA if I am having a computer terminal to monitor?  I am not sure how to load two files into the NANO without the first one getting deleted? . I think we can delete the RESET pin statement from the program?

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I forgot to answer the question about the latest revision.  I checked the PHSNA site and see that V1r2 is marked "archival" and says to use the two files PHSNA_VB.ino and Morse.ino.  Those are the latest.

I had to ponder the "RESET" declaration a little more.  I've written a lot of programs for the AD DDS chips and don't recall ever using the reset pin.  With the PHSNA project, the basic I/O code for the DDS chip had already been written before I got involved.  So I barely noticed that it was there.


Nick, WA5BDU

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