Re: 3.2768 kontra 8.192 MHz IF

Nick Kennedy

I used 5.5289 MHz because I had a bunch of crystals of that frequency in my junk box. 

Like Jim said, hams would usually want to avoid IF frequencies within ham bands because that will leave a hole in your range.  Otherwise, I think using what you have is OK.  Like you said, some frequency selective components in the measurement will have to be adjusted to suit.


Nick, WA5BDU

On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 10:20 AM, LA5GOA sehh@... [PHSNA] <PHSNA@...> wrote:


Is there any particular reason why one uses 3.2768 Mhz crystals measure RX

I have access to large amount of 8.192 Mhz crystals.

of course must RX be customized with the necessary components to suit frequency.

73 LA5GOA Steen Erik

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