Re: Arduino UNO digital I/O


Thanks, Nick,

There certainly are 6 lines available. bits 0 and 1 are used up when the serial interface (even just the USB) is enabled. But the rest of the low 8 buts is uncommitted. So you send the data as a pair of nybbles?

Could you perhaps post a bit of info to help me and others. Suggest a display model that works in that mode (would need to be operable in a graphic mode) and if d2 - d7 would be appropriate to use.  If you have a circuit sketched that would be great. My only experience with LCDs has been ready-to-go kits, and programming the RS-232 interfaced ones.

Jerry did point out that the A/D lines can be used as digital. But the concern is introducing switching noise when reading adjacent pins as analog.

Jim, N5IB

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