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I always used tape on the USB shell and made sure the pins of the header were trimmed short.  Mine seem to have sufficient clearance.  You can also not push the board all of the way down and leave 1-2 mm clearance.  This is not an uncommon problem with Arduino shields.

Mike N5JKY

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Don reports a possible issue with clearance above the USB connector on the UNO.
Pins at the end of the header connector that accepts the DDS module can touch the shell of the USB connector. He put a bit of tape on the top of the USB shell.

I'm going to suggest a slight change  in how you mount the headers that will give  a mm or so extra clearance, and should eliminate the need for tape. This will be most easily accomplished if the male header strips that connect to the UNO are the VERY FIRST PARTS installed on the SSNA board. No board modification will be required.

Look in the files section for an udated Builder Alert PDF file (rev08NOV2013)

Jim, N5IB

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