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I've just now gotten time to begin with the PHSNA build.  On the ERA-3+ board, the D1 pad is NOT connected to the ground plane.  The fine connecting traces only continue part way to the pad from ground.  I've studied the board under high magnification and confirmed the lack of ground connection with a continuity tester.

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Y'all thank Nick... he found another one... this one's mysterious. The anode end of D1 is clearly connected to the ground plane on the top side. On the bottom side the layout doesn't show a ground plane connection, but the margin around the pad is reduced. Both conditions are in error. The layout file ended up showing BOTH a clearance margin and a filled plane connection. Don't know how that could happen.

Here's the fix...
Connect and solder the left (non-banded) lead of  D1 and the right lead of F1 together as "flying leads", but DO NOT solder them  to the PC pads.  Leave them elevated above the board. If you choose to not use F1 at all, you can just connect D1 from its normal banded-end pad to the left pad of F1, skipping the two middle pads entirely.

Once again, when I get home I'll post a photo.

Jim, N5IB

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