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This group is about paper embroidery and paper crafting, whether it be card making, scrapbooking, tea bag folding, rubber stamping, paper pricking, parchment, 3D work, quilling, paper punch, tag art, or any other paper creations. We don't stick to one medium, we do anything with paper. Our goal is to provide a place for people with common interests to gather and share ideas and techniques and to create a friendly and family-like atmosphere. We are a very diversified group, we have members from all over the world.

Share pictures of your work with us. It's always nice to see what others are doing. Share copyright free patterns, talk about technique, tips, and don't hesitate to ask questions

We don't appreciate lurkers. We expect you to make at least one post each month and show at least 4 cards or other craft items each year. We have two challenges each month and a swap each two months but you can always show other work, that will count as participation too.
If you don't participate we'll remove you from our list.

Selling items on the list is strictly prohibited. Vendors may list their URL in their signature line.

The Card of the Month was made by Kim

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