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PBY Catalina e-mail group.

Honorary member: George-SS132-Herold AKA The Sub-guy.

This is an E-mail group to share Catalina information with anybody interested in the PBY Catalina/Canso.

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To become member: send an E-mail to HKuil@Hotmail.com
stating that you want to be a member.

This PBY e-mail group is made to:

- Share news about the PBY Catalina.
- Share stories about the PBY
- Tell about any books about the PBY including books you wrote.
- Contact others connected with the Catalina.
- Search for former crew members.
- Advertise Catalina (parts) for sale or trade.
- Request Catalina (parts) for sale or trade.
- Share your experience on operating and maintaining the Catalina.

You can also read all the messages on the internet at:  https://groups.io/g/PBY

The best way is to have membership setting as "individual e-mails".
You will then receive all messages in your inbox with attachments.

Group managed by Heijo Kuil
Ex crewmember of the Duxford, England based PBY Catalina



In memory of:

Ragnar Ragnarsson from Iceland, Historian and Founding member
Wynnum B. Grahamþ, Historian and founding member
Pappa Jan Kuil, Klu
William "Willie" Sneed
Gene Guthrie
Carlos H. Blazquez
Captain T. F. Pollock, USN
Jim Mooney
Walter Bourgeois
Hank Aries
Roger Ferguson
Don Klotz VP-23
Larry Katz

PBY: P=patrol, B= bomber, Y= Consolidated (maker)

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