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Hi everyone. After observing some of the posts on our group, I realized there exists an uneven playing field. The last thing I want to see happening is a loss of interest because most of the information posted, assumes all are talking the same language and at the same level. For those of us who don't speak computer, I would like to suggest following up with some publications I found help fill in the holes in the road, so to speak. Certainly, if you have discovered other books, lets hear from you. In the mean time, pose a question to the group, in the area of your concern and, see where it leads.
In the mean time, The Raspberry Foundation of Great Britain is a gud source of reference material and, as well, there are any number of video's on U-tube which I found very useful..
Another source is the Raspberry Pi Manual purchased at Shoppers Drug for $24.99 usd. It contains a lot of how to, with glossy photo's and, as well projects, if your interested in that sort of thing.
For those of us who own Raspberry Pi-3b's, there is a publication produced in the USA called Raspberry Pi3 by Paul Jones. I bought my copy through the internet for $15.00 usd. It specializes in just the pi-3, has dark bolded print, double spaced and, is must easier to read. It delves into the basics such as where to get software on the net, how to load on the sd card etc. It's the best I've seen so far for getting to the root of the pi.
Have fun and keep in touch.

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