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This group is for those who wish to focus attention on the teachings of Guru Swami-G, and will include discussion of the materials in Satsangs, videos, books, the website (http://www.guruswamig.com/) and the Heart Pointings blog, in addition to personal reports of what is taking place with practices. We will also plan group meditations and events.
Minimally one post or update a week (IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL MEMBERS: after a month of non-participation in the forum (without prior notice), only ONE notification will be sent to you asking to please report what is happening. If you do not answer back and post what is currently taking place, you will lose your membership to this group and this door shall be kept closed thereafter…) 
No spam or flaming tolerated 
As soon as you submit a membership request, you will receive a New-member-questionnaire by email. This questionnaire needs to be completed before membership can be approved. Using this, you will have to introduce yourself to the group members by telling us how you have found the teachings of Guru SwamiG and describe what has been your spiritual journey up to now (i.e. what other paths and teachers you have followed and what kind of experiences and phenomena you have encountered, etc.) and saying what is your goal in joining our community. 
Also, you will have to UPLOAD a picture of yourself in the "Files" section of the group (or email the picture as an attachment to the group). Otherwise, we will not communicate with you. 
IMPORTANT: If the above is not put in place ASAP your membership shall be deleted...
This video is a good place to start and helps to understand the ways of Guru SwamiG :
Online ashram : www.guruswamig.com
Guru Swami's YouTube channel : www.youtube.com/user/GuruSwamiG

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