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The world's online whistling community is based here. The Orawhistle Whistling forum has an archive with over 16,000 message posts. We currently have members from more than 40 nations, 35 American states, and 8 Canadian provinces.

Orawhistle has extensive databases on whistling technique and other whistling-related information such as quotations that refer to whistling, popular songs with whistling in them, and words for whistling in other languages. In addition to whistling samples and photographs of whistlers and whistling events, there are links to websites related to whistling.

Do you enjoy whistling? Join us! It's free -- just click on "+ Join This Group" at the bottom of this page, then reply to the message in your e-mail. We can't wait to meet you!

"Orawhistle" was founded on 3 February 2000 by Jay M. Schlitz. Since 2001, this forum has been owned and moderated by Linda Parker Hamilton , a Canadian whistler. All new members are expected to contribute a brief self-introduction.

Note: This is a family-safe and friendly forum. Inappropriate remarks MAY BE EDITED. The Orawhistle Staff reserves all rights.

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