Regarding the Blackpoll Warbler at Gilman park - Rant...

Jeff Bray

For those that have been reporting the "continuing" Blackpoll Warbler in eBird, with field marks like black cap, streaked sides, black eyeline, etc..., I beg you to take a look at the checklists below with some photographs of the bird that has been at Gilman. It's your typical fall-plumage bird with NO black cap, barely an eye stripe, very faint streaking on the sides and mostly olive-green in color. Please try to obtain photographs to confirm your sightings when possible. The last confirmed date for this bird was 23 SEP. 

Also of note, there has been a very dull Nashville Warbler at the park that we think people have been confusing with a Virginia's Warbler. Again, please try to photo-document birds when possible. There has been no confirmed Virginia's Warbler at the park as far as I know.

End rant...

Jeff Bray
Irvine, CA