pine warbler

James Pike

I've been driving by Good Shepard Cemetery for the past 36 years, but have only birded there a handful of times. It has a nice assortment of tall trees, but they are regularly over-trimmed, so enjoyable birding opportunities have always been limited. However, I noted this week that the trees looked unexpectedly well-foliated, so I (hurriedly) gave it another try this afternoon. The cemetery is at the corner of Talbert and Beach in Huntington Beach, across the street from a Walmart. If interested in seeing this Pine Warbler, drive north on the entrance road off Talbert, and park across from the west side of the chapel at this east end of the cemetery. If you walk 100 yards west, you'll reach a long-needled pine where I saw the bird. (20 yards further west is a red faucet at the base of a tree). I would describe this area as being the NW quadrant of this block. It has about 8 long-needled pines and was the birdiest portion of the cemetery, although, in truth, it wasn't very birdy at all. The only Townsend Warbler I saw was in the same tree as the Pine. I only obtained one photo of the bird, and would love to see better pics if someone has better luck.            

Jim Pike