Ryan Winkleman


As I've been writing the Fall 2019 NAB report I have a few questions for county birders:

1) Was the Northern Waterthrush at Huntington Central Park really only seen from 10-20 September? It hasn't been seen since?

2) I assume that the unusual Green-winged Teal from last month is no longer around? My records of it span only a couple days.

3) Was the Gray Flycatcher at Irvine Regional Park only seen from 23-24 November? I know the Sycamore Hill area was birded a lot around that time but there are only a few reports of this bird, which in past years has of course actually wintered. Has it not been seen since 24 November?

If anybody has information to the contrary about any of these birds, i.e. extending their dates, please let me know.

Thanks, I can't write these seasonal reports without the contributions of our birding community!

Ryan Winkleman
Rancho Santa Margarita