Irvine Lake Eastern Phoebe


Just reporting that the Eastern Phoebe continues at Irvine Lake, in the same general area that it’s been frequenting for approximately the last three or four weeks (see earlier posts to Orange County Birding for details on where to look for the bird). It was quite active and moved around quite a bit this morning. An adult Herring Gull also continues at the lake. We did not see either of the adult Bald Eagles this time, but didn’t spend much time scoping the trees above the northeastern shoreline where they typically spend time roosting during the day. We did hear, indirectly, that at least one eagle was seen this morning. As others have mentioned, this is now an Orange County park, and is open for fishing (and birding!) three days a week: Friday, Saturday and Sunday (7am to 4pm I believe are the hours they currently are open). 

Doug Willick
Orange, CA